Demi’s surprise to Almeida with a street in Koukaki with his last name – Who was Antonio Figueira d’Almeida


A special surprise was in store for Demis Nikolaidis to Matias Almeida during the awarding of the AEK coach as the best coach of the 2022-23 season.

In particular, the veteran ace and one of the presenters of the evening at the PSAPP awards showed via video to “Pelados” a street that bears his last name.

The 49-year-old technician laughed heartily and jokingly asked for… the key to the house down the road.

A street located at Cuckoo and bears his name Antonio Figueira d’Almeida.

Who was Antonio Figueira d’Almeida:

Antonio Figueira d’Almeida was a Portuguese Philhellenic who took part in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

He was born in 1784 in the Portuguese city of Elvas. He served as an officer in the Portuguese army and fought against the French army sent to Spain to support the Bourbon dynasty. After the start of the Revolution he came to Greece. In August 1826, having the rank of colonel of the cavalry, he distinguished himself as a corps leader in Tripoli and in March of the following year he fought under George Karaiskakis in Attica.

With the arrival of Kapodistrias in Greece, D’Almeida became inspector of regular cavalry and was entrusted with the reorganization of the corps. On January 22, 1830, he was appointed guard of Nafplio. After the murder of Kapodistrias, he arrested one of the perpetrators, Georgios Mavromichalis. For his law-abiding attitude, he was named an honorary citizen of Nafplion by the 5th National Assembly and in March 1832 he was promoted to general.

However, after Othon’s arrival in Greece, the Regency did not recognize him as a general and finally on May 10, 1833, appointed him garrison commander of Aegina. He was promoted to lieutenant general after the suppression of the rebellion of Colonel N. Zerva in Messolonghi, where D’Almeida had been appointed military commander in 1836. In 1839 he was appointed military commander in Nafplio. He died in 1847 in Batalia, Venice.

He was married to Zoe Mavrokordatou. His grandson was Antonios Almeidas, with the same Greekized name, who was killed fighting in the Balkan wars.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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