Clattenberg also took a position on the penalty: “Newcastle rightly consider that they were robbed”


She considers her complaints completely justified Newcastle for the penalty given yesterday by the Polish referee in her game against Paris Saint Germain The Mark Clattenberg. The British veteran referee in an article in the Daily Mail, in which he always refers to refereeing issues, states that the referees should not have given a penalty and emphasizes that the English team rightly considers that it was stolen.

“Newcastle have every right to feel robbed. Kylian Mbappe should never have received the gift of an equalizer from the penalty spot in the eighth minute of added time. Simon Marciniak refereed the 2022 World Cup final and Tomasz Kwiatkowski in VAR is an experienced duo that everyone respects, but it has to go down as a terrible mistake on their part.”first reported and continued:

“The corner behind the goal, which we all saw on TV, but the VAR did not show to Marciniak, clearly proves that there was no foul. Libramento did not make his body bigger. His hand was in a normal position during his movement. He had no time to react to the ostracism. This penalty is against UEFA guidelines and Newcastle have paid the price.”concludes Clattenberg.

Source: Sport Fm

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