Poget: “Opportunity of a lifetime to face Ronaldo’s Portugal”


Her opponents in the final phase of Euro 2024 were learned by National team of Greeceas long as it qualifies from the playoffs, since will be in the 6th group with Portugal, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

THE EPO published on its official website the comment of our federal coach, Gustavo Poget, on the group draw, emphasizing, among other things, opportunity of a lifetime for his players to face her Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo.

In detail, what Gustavo Poget mentioned:

If our qualification was already of the utmost importance, after yesterday’s draw and knowing the likely group we will be in, it makes it even more important. The opportunity to open a derby against Turkey, the chance of a lifetime to face Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo and the test against the Czech Republic increases our desire to go to the EURO.

But of course we have a lot of respect and we have to concentrate on the difficult matches of the play offs, starting with the crucial match against Kazakhstan at home on March 21.

This game is the most important and I am sure we will play in a packed stadium, in which everyone involved will be excited. So we all have to prepare in the best possible way.

It is important to stress that it will be a great honor and a great achievement if we manage to qualify from the play offs in March to the final phase of EURO 2024».

Source: Sport Fm

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