Prometheus against ERT: “Biased broadcast in favor of AEK Betsson BC”


Notice against her ERT issued by Prometheus!

The Patras team expressed her strong displeasure for the broadcast of the match with the AEK Betsson BCspeaking of discriminatory treatment in favor of the Union!

The announcement of the OEM:

Yesterday, all of “basketball” Greece witnessed an unprecedented broadcast of a basketball match between our team and KAE AEK BETSSON. The biased broadcast of the Public Television journalist against KAE PROMITHEAS or if you prefer in favor of KAE AEK BETSSON was truly incredible. The role of the journalist is to convey impartially what takes place inside the playing field and not to make evaluative refereeing judgments. This is directly against the journalistic code of ethics.

We ask the management of ERT to evaluate the broadcast of the match between Prometheus Patras and AEK BETSSON that was shown on a pan-Hellenic broadcast by ERT3 on December 2 (8:15 p.m.) and to do the right thing so that the journalistic function is kept high. We also ask the relevant institutions and bodies involved to take a stand and defend the impartiality of the broadcast of the ESAKE matches. We hope this will be the last time we have to deal with an incident like this and ERT will treat all members of the Stoiximan Basket League equally».

Source: Sport Fm

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