Temporary stoppage in Volos-Olympiakos, incidents of visiting fans with the police and throwing of tear gas


Great tension and temporary stoppage in the match Volos-Olympiakos in “Panthessaliko”!

In the 94th minute, with the score at 2-2 and shortly after El Kaabi’s goal was disallowed for offside, they began incidents between Olympiakos fans and the policewhich did and throwing tear gas.

The away stand was emptied, while angry fans smashed seats, moved towards VAR and threatened to invade the pitch.

From the use of chemicals by the authorities on the players of the two teams they covered their mouths and noses, but most remained on the pitch for a few minutes. Shortly before 19:00, the referees left for the locker room and then the football players, as well as the powerful man of Volos, Achilles Beos. It is worth noting that the Olympiakos players, leaving the field and passing in front of their few fans, were booed.

It is noted that the goalkeeper of Volos, o Kostiche left limping towards the locker room, having – as mentioned – a problem with his vision, probably from the tear gas.

The regulation stipulates that a window of one hour is given to start the game again. Specifically, it is stated that “the referee must exhaust a time period of one hour for the stoppage». However, after 36-37 minutes it was decided to continue and finish the game.

The Olympiakos players went out and did a mini warm-up while waiting for the Volos players to enter, but they were late to return, but did so about 10 minutes later.

Volos-Olympiakos: Suspension due to incidents

There was also tension outside of Panthessalikos, in the surrounding area of ​​the stadium.

Source: Sport Fm

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