Beos: “There will be a new owner in Volos from the new year – I will leave football”


His statements in detail:

“The TV showed it all, most of it at least. I have also made an announcement and those who understood, understood. I’ve said it in the past. Firecrackers and chemicals in stadiums by the police are not a solution. This must end immediately. The police have an obligation to arrest rioters. Yesterday some people entered the pitch and caused the incidents. They had to arrest those who did the incidents. But throwing chemicals at the world, which is 4,000, makes the situation worse.

The players couldn’t breathe. If they can’t do their job, stay home. Leave this percentage that the police get to the security companies.

I won’t comment on any Olympians, but it’s bums who enter. They do not bother, because they have been given power. And with the crowd, you don’t mess around. With this tactic they survive. The fans themselves should expel them. It’s a shame everything that’s happening.”

For the arbitration: “It doesn’t refer to us, really where did I get the favor from?” Like all teams, I don’t care what they say. Adults have learned to rush football for years now. But with var, they spoiled their… soup. Not 100%. But to a large extent.

I said that Volos, as long as I am president, I will not be the reason that any team will be punished by deducting points. Games must be played on the field. I am a proud man. I keep a line with equal distances to everyone. This is my decision.

I will do the same with the other teams. It will be best if it doesn’t happen again. I experienced this yesterday with Olympiakos and I refer to the episodes, as well as one more time with Aris in the match against Volos two years ago. And then there were incidents.”

For the end-of-match handouts: “You should all understand that after such an atmosphere, things must be normal. Deletic’s wife who gave birth, came to the stadium and felt bad from the suffocating atmosphere prevailing from the throwing of chemicals and tear gas. And other family heads, and small children, could not breathe. Others put on oxygen masks. How to play with such a situation? Did the players come in to play the game? Can you play ball? It didn’t make sense, the players weren’t in the mood to play.”

For Papapetrou: “If it wasn’t for VAR yesterday he wouldn’t have whistled again. He made a lot of mistakes. Olympiacos was not wronged anywhere. In one phase, perhaps, he was wronged, when a header from an Olympiakos player perhaps hit the hand of our player. And Volos may have been wronged about Myga. But this is how all the big teams have learned. The Championship must become more competitive. The Super League needs to make laws that are upheld. And from the EPO of course.

To live up to expectations, for the benefit of football. What I saw is that they arrested six and released them. The law says otherwise. Why did the prosecutor ask for the release of the six hooligans who had been arrested for the incidents? Tell me. Whatever the law says, that must be applied. Are these gentlemen controlled from anywhere? It is also their fault, the prosecutors, who apply the law. Not all”.

On Atjun and the prospect of investing in the Volos team: “For Ajun, I must tell you that he shows great interest. With the new year, I believe there will be a new owner in the football team of Volos. Mr. Atzoun’s office is in Volos and the inspection at PAE will begin immediately. Beos has tired you for so many years. I am tired and I have reasons for saying so. I don’t want any more. With everything I see and hear. For me there is a great love. The Municipality of Volos. You don’t think I’m going to leave football, but it will happen. Let me sit for a month or two to help. From the summer I will be out of football, once and for all. May God put his hand in order for Ajun to invest in Volos, because he can allocate a lot of money, more than other businessmen.”

Source: Sport Fm

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