A TV “roof” has been found for Super League 2 – This is the channel that will broadcast the matches


A TV roof has been found for Super League 2!

After about a month and a half of “action” in the second category, the organizing authority announced that the matches will be broadcast by “free” channel!

This will be it Action24 which will transmit two matches each weekendwhile the rest will be streamed from the Super League 2 YouTube channel on a subscription basis.

The announcement in detail:

“The Board of Directors of Super League 2, unanimously decided to change the series of the 1st round match Panathinaikos B – Diagoras and the 2nd round match Diagoras – Panathinaikos B (article 8, par. 8 of the CPA)

The Super League 2 Board of Directors has concluded, during which the following were decided:

1. The Minutes of the Boards of Directors were approved

2. The PAE were informed about the meeting with the General Secretary of Sports, Mr. G. Mavrotas and the amicable relations that exist with EPATHLA and the Deputy Ministry of Sports, while they were informed that there is no suspicious match for the 2023-2024 season.

3. It was unanimously decided to award the television rights of the Super League 2 Championship, season 2023-2024 to the Action 24 channel. The channel will broadcast two games each matchday while the rest will be broadcast by the Super League 2 YouTube channel with a subscription.

4. It was decided to postpone the start of the U19 Youth Championship to 14.01.2024

The President of Super League 2 thanks PAE Panathinaikos and PAE PAOK for waiving the amount that will be collected from the television rights.”

Source: Sport Fm

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