United imposed an embargo on four journalists due to reporting on Ten Haag!


With reports of a negative atmosphere between Erik Ten Hag and the Manchester United players mounting, the Red Devils went on the… counter-attack.

In particular, the administration of the English took the decision to ban 4 journalists who signed a relevant report from entering the press conference Dutch coach ahead of the match with Chelsea on Wednesday (06/12, 22:15).

In fact, he himself Ten Haag took a stand in favor of the administration’s decision during the press conference, stressing: “They should have come to us first and not go behind our backs and print articles, this is not right. I think we have another relationship, they should come to us first and have a normal and professional conversation first.”

It remains to be seen if this decision was some kind of warning, or if the United intends to continue the… embargo on the specific journalists and on subsequent press conferences.

Source: Sport Fm

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