Referees at the KED: “The glass has spilled – We don’t blow the whistle until our physical integrity is ensured”


The borderline point they have reached by dealing with them factors and drove to abstention decision from the games the Greek referees describe.

In their letter to KED the referees explain in a characteristic way why they declared group obstacle and declare themselves determined to continue until be secured their physical integrity.

The letter in detail states:

“Dear Mr. President of KED

Dear members of KED,

In recent years, Greek and foreign referees as well as members of the respective KED have become a permanent target, a punching bag and a scapegoat for the transfer of responsibilities.

Announcements that go unpunished, bullying, bullying, destruction of character, threats, verbal and physical attacks, ignorance of basic regulations of the rules of the game, ignorance of basic rules of operation of VAR are just a few of the things that have made the climate toxic for football.

The events of the last month, with the bomb attack on the home and shop of referee Andreas Gamaris as well as the threats received by referee Tasos Papapetrou and his family after the Super League 1 match on 3/12/2023 Volos-Olympiacos are the last straw.

In the past there were meetings, we got promises but unfortunately things are heading not just for the worse but more towards the cliff. It is now clear that the conditions do not exist for the Greek referees and assistant referees of the 1st category to continue performing their duties safely.

As a consequence of the above, the body of referees and assistant referees of the 1st division has taken the decision not to perform their duties in any match starting from the 14th matchday of Super League 1 and until the conditions become normal for our physical integrity!

Everyone’s goal with this action is to protect ourselves and our families.

For this reason:

– Please immediately have a meeting with the President of the EPO, Prime Minister, Min. Public servant and Minister of Sports.

– To prohibit and punish the official statements of team officials during the publication of the definitions, before and after the matches.

– Prompt investigation of VIAS cases against arbitration officials.”

Source: Sport Fm

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