KED’s letter to EPO: “We support the referees – Try for a meeting with the Prime Minister”


On the side of the Greek referees and the decision for a team handicap from the games of the competition was ordered by KED.

With letter to its president EPOthe Commission spoke of targeting and need to end the insecurity of the referee.

The relative announcement of the federation states:

“Following the threats reported by the referee Tassos Papapetrou, the Central Arbitration Committee sent a letter to the president of the Hellenic Football Federation, Mr. Panagiotis Baltakos and the Executive Director, Mr. Iakovos Filippoussi.

The letter from KED/EPO is a continuation of the letter sent to it by the referees and assistants of Super League 1.

Following all of the above, the management of the EPO has invited a delegation of the KED and the refereeing officials of Super League 1 to a meeting tomorrow Wednesday at 11:00″.

The KED letter states

“Dear President of the EPO,

After reading the Greek referees’ letter, we would like to inform you of the following:

Recently we have been receiving complaints from our referees as well as strong concern for their safety when they are called upon to referee a match.

At this point let us remind you that following the letter from UEFA and its Refereeing Committee, the organizer of the SL league committed in writing to guaranteeing the safety of the referees in all matches regardless of the nationality of the refereeing trio.

Therefore, these conditions cannot be guaranteed and permanent for all groups regardless of seat and nationality of the arbitration officials.

We should also note that the members of the KED are very often bombarded by announcements from group officials, coke journalists without being able to carry out their work with focus.

There is intense insecurity among the members of K.E.D. as they are often targeted as well as encountering strange working conditions.

Therefore we would like to introduce you to the following:

1. KED/EPO fully supports the Greek referees and will continue to do so.

2. We would like to invite you to an immediate meeting to try to resolve the matter.

3. We would like you to try to reach an immediate meeting with the Prime Minister of the country and the competent bodies to solve the arbitration problems.

For K.E.D./E.P.O”

Source: Sport Fm

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