“Atletico Mineiro gives 4.5 million euros for 80% of Scarpa’s rights”


His case Gustavo Scarpa it seems that he will not give up so easily Atlético Mineiro!

Lately, the name of his 29-year-old midfielder Olympiakou is in a prominent position in the Brazilian reports, as many of the country’s teams are scouting his case and want to repatriate him after his short time in Europe.

According to today’s publication “UOL Esporte”signed by the well-known journalist, Bruno Andrade, Atlético Mineiro has decided to return strongly to the claim of the Brazilian ace, submitting a new proposal to Nottingham Forest.

Specifically, as mentioned in the report, the club from Belo Horizonte offers 4.5 million euros for 80% of the rights of the footballer, while the English team was asking for an amount of 6 million euros.

Nevertheless, the British club seems willing to drop the demands, since his goal is to get rid of Scarpa’s contract immediately, and while the two sides have signed until the summer of 2027. The footballer himself is said to be sticking to his decision to continue playing in the Old Continent.

Source: Sport Fm

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