AEK Betsson BC booked a place in the Final 8 of the Cup – The data for the other places


After Panathinaikos AKTOR, Olympiakos, Promethea Patras and essentially PAOK, AEK Betsson became the next team to ensure its participation in the Final 8 of the Cup. It is reminded that the first seven teams in the finals of the first round of the Stoiximan Basket League and a team that will emerge from the Final 4 of the UNICEF Trophy will be there.

THE victory of the “Union” over Amarousi in combination with defeat of Lavrio by Apollo in Patras, brought the “yellow and black” out of Lavrio’s range. At the same time, despite the victory over Prometheus, Kolossos does not threaten AEK Betsson, since even if they lose in Peristeri and the Rodites win in Marousi, Joan Platha’s team has defeated Kouros Segura’s in the game between them.

From there and while the games that will take place on Sunday are pending (Aris-Peristeri bwin and Panathinaikos AKTOR-PAOK), PAOK has also effectively secured a place in the Final 8, since even if it loses today to Karditsa in Palataki, he had defeated Colossus the previous matchday and cannot outdo him. On the contrary, bwin Pigeon and Aris are still not safe who are playing today. The winner will definitely be in the heptad, but the loser will enter into adventures. Especially if it is Peristeriotes, as they are not on par with Kolossos having lost in Rhodes. All scenarios to “break” the existing heptade presuppose that o Colossus in Maroussi on December 23.


1. PAO 9-0

2. Olympiacos 8-1

3. Prometheus 7-3

4. AEK 5-5

5. PAOK 5-4

6. Mars 5-4

7. Dove 5-4

8. Colossus 4-6

9. Maroussi 3-7

10. Laurel 3-7

11. Apollon Patras 2-8

12. Karditsa 1-8

The remaining games:

10th matchday

Aris-Peristeri bwin (10/12, 17:15)

Panathinaikos AKTOR-PAOK (10/12, 20:15)

Karditsa-Olympiakos (11/12, 20:15)

11th matchday

PAOK-Karditsa (23/12, 17:15)

Maroussi-Kolossos (23/12, 18:00)

Lavrio-Mars (23/12, 20:15)

Olympiacos-Apollonas Patras (24/12, 15:00)

Pigeon bwin-AEK Betsson (24/12, 17:15)

Prometheus-Panathinaikos AKTOR (24/12, 20:15)

The eighth team and the change compared to last year

The eighth team of the Final 8 will emerge from the Final 4 of the UNICEF Trophy, which will take place on January 5-6 at the closed Liosion. Four Elite League teams have qualified there, Doxa Lefkada, Milos, NE Megaridos and Panionios, with the draw for the semi-final pairs taking place next Wednesday. The team that will get the title will enter the lottery with the teams that will be ranked in positions 5, 6 and 7 (ie not Panathinaikos, Olympiakos and Promethea which are definitely in the four) to… get a number. The number that the winner of the UNICEF Trophy will get, will also carry the teams from the positions 5-7 of the first round, that is, if he gets “5”, the fifth will go sixth, the sixth seventh and the seventh eighth.

Herein lies the difference with last year, where there was no limit to the number the UNICEF Trophy team could get, resulting in Panionios getting the “1” and playing with the…seventh of the first round AEK, while this draw it also resulted in the meeting of the “eternals” in the semi-finals. This year, with the change made, Panathinaikos and Olympiacos can only face each other in the final. And the Final 8 quarterfinal pairings will go as follows: 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 and then, in the semifinals, the winner of 1-8 will play the winner of 4-5 and the winner of 2-7 to that of 3-6.

Source: Sport Fm

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