They are “gassing up” from today for Batska Topola in Olympiakos


They return to training today his football players Olympiakousince due to the postponement of the weekend game, Carlos Carvalhal gave the football department a day off yesterday.

As of today, however, the Piraeus turn their attention in the upcoming match against Batska Topola in Karaiskaki, while they are expected the announcements of the Government after the murderous attack on the police officer outside the closed one in Rentis.

The “red and white” are called to step on the gasin order to achieve at least the goal of the team’s European presence in the Conference League in the new year.

Carvalhal is waiting today to ascertain the condition of Stefan Jovetic and Daniel Pontense, two important footballers who can provide solutions during such a crucial match.

The Montenegrin striker will try his best to get ahead of the game against the Serbians, although the odds are not on his side. The international ace will test his leg today, he will try to pick up the pace from tomorrow, to at least be on the bench, and if necessary to enter towards the end of the match.

For his part, the Portuguese winger is expected to raise the intensity even more in training today, and as soon as no problem arises, then he will also claim the starting jersey.

From then on, in the “red and white” camp there is a feeling that wants Carlos Carvalhal to choose the 4-4-2 formation to face Topola. So far, however, he has not opened his cards in terms of the initial format, but logic says that he will go with the well-trodden path and with faces that we saw with Martinez and who have carried the burden all the previous period.

Source: Sport Fm

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