Discontent and two question marks in Maccabi Haifa ahead of Panathinaikos


THE Panathinaikos for days now he has turned his attention exclusively to Thursday’s game with Maccabi Haifa (19:45) for the last game of the Europa League, where the “greens” are satisfied with a draw (but obviously want the victory) to continue in the Conference League.

Anyway, the atmosphere in the ranks of the Israelis is not the best after yesterday 1-1 with Beitar, as now Maccabi Haifa is fourth and -6 behind the leader Maccabi Tel Aviv. “If we don’t wake up and if we continue to lose points like this, we will say goodbye to the championship early“, emphasized the team’s coach, Mesai Dego.

Now Maccabi Haifa is turning its attention to the Leoforou match while waiting for the latest on two injured players. Israeli stopper Sean Goldberg (13 caps this year) and Nigerien midfielder Ali Mohamed (19 caps and 1 assist this year) are on the… line to make it or miss the crucial game ahead.

Besides, the Israeli traveling fans have been informed by the competent services of the country to be especially careful during their stay in Athens. Maccabi Haifa has taken 800 tickets for this game and it remains to be seen what will happen if the government decides to lock down the stadiums.

Source: Sport Fm

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