Alki’s father: “Unfortunately, the glass has no bottom – The facts show the hatred that some people have”


In the sad realization from the new episodes that happened in Rentis that the… glass of violence in the stadiums has no bottom concluded the Ares Kampanos. My father of murdered Alkispoke to the Star emphasizing that unfortunately every time we have episodes of violence we say they will be the lastand points out that these facts show “the ferocious hatred that some people have and want to do harm to a fellow human being”.

Aris Kampanos told the Star in detail:

“Unfortunately, two years have passed since Alki’s unjust death, and each time the State and we ourselves said that it was the last straw. Unfortunately, this glass has no bottom and the latest events show how fierce their hatred is some people and want to do harm to a fellow human being.

We lost Alkis, we lost Michalis and now a policeman is having fun. Something must be done, and it is not only the State’s matter to tighten the laws, but it is a matter for all of us.’

For the measures announced by the government:

“It is a solution decided by the State. I believe it is for the positive. Since there are hotheads, who cannot be expelled from the healthy part of the groups, so something must be done, and the State has come to take these strict measures .

I repeat, it is not the strict measures that the State will make and we will fall to sleep peacefully. These are taken in the context of deterrence, as are police measures and severe penalties, but we forget the prevention part. And prevention is part of children’s education.

The common denominator in all these episodes is the young age of the children. These children who grew up in the economic crisis, hide a lot of anger, rage and hatred. They are the children to whom we thought we would leave the future as Greece, as a society, and unfortunately we see that we are losing them”.

Source: Sport Fm

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