Unthinkable images in Turkey: Wild wood to the referee Meller, the president of Ankaragucu punched him!


Incredible images on Turkey after the final whistle in the match for the 15th matchday of the league between Ankaragucu and Rizespor! The hosts took the lead in the 14th minute and were a man down in the 50th minute, with the visitors also down by 10 in the 95th minute, but they tie in the 97th minute in the final 1-1!

So when referee Meller blew the whistle for the end of the game, the president of Ankaragutsu sprinted onto the pitch and punched him! The referee fell on the pitch and while he was down, he was punched and kicked by other people, who hit him with incredible ferocity! The images were also shocking when he got up, with Meller’s eye on him swell up from the blow. You were taken to the locker room and given first aid. It should be noted that in the game he came on as a substitute in the 46th minute Tasos Hatzigiovanis.

The Turkish media write, in fact, that Ankaragucu’s fans they celebrated for their president and they tried to invade the pitch as well, however stadium security caught the worst of it.

Source: Sport Fm

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