Nikolakopoulos: “Potense and Jovetic ready for Olympiakos ahead of Topola – Carvalhal upset with the events”


The happy news about two players that emerged from today’s training at Olympiakos was conveyed by Kostas Nikolakopoulos to News Bulletin 247, referring to the team’s preparation for the match against Batska Topola. As the reporter of the red and whites said, the first good news concerns Podense as he trained normally for the second day today and is ready for the match and the second for Jovetic who followed the training program today and thus is at Carvalhal’s disposal at least for his presence on the mission.

Kostas Nikolakopoulos then mentioned that the Carlos Carvalhal is surprised by everything that is happening these few days of his presence in Greece and in the technical leadership of Olympiakos, since on one day he learns about the postponement of the match against Panserraikos due to the referees’ abstention, on the other that his team, without having been punished by UEFA, will be called to play in the Europa League with Backa Topola without people by a decision of the government, and the third that all matches of the team for more than two months will be without people. “He is stunned by the events,” he reported characteristics of the Portuguese.

Finally, in view of the proposal of censure that some Super League teams have made to Vangelis Marinakis expressed his wonder about what the “small and medium” groups will say tomorrow who with Marinaki’s actions for the first time have received a percentage of the profits from the bet and also – for the first time – have a sponsorship of so many millions of euros, unlike in the past when they received crumbs.

Listen to what else Kostas Nikolakopoulos said about today’s developments…

Source: Sport Fm

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