“Katsouri you live…”: PAOK did not forget Panagiotis Katsouris


One of the tragic days that concern PAOK is today, as 24 years have passed since the car accident of Panagiotis Katsouris.

The text of PAOK FC for Panagiotis Katsouris

Like today 24 years ago, one of the black pages was written in the book of the history of Dikefalos. Panagiotis Katsouris lost his life in a car accident and plunged the PAOK family into mourning.

A child who in the 1.5 years he wore the “black and white” managed to make only friends and disappeared after a night with them while returning home from a 5×5 race.

Panagiotis had two passions, football and cars, and the last one was to betray him at the best moment of his career, at the age of 22, on February 9, 1998.

Katsouris was born on October 28, 1976 and came to PAOK from Naoussa in the summer of 1996. Perhaps the best left back of his generation, he was already an international with Elpidon and this soon proved to be the best ticket for a quick entry into the PAOK squad. . On September 8, 1996, in the premiere of the new league, the Swede Guider Bangston does not hesitate to use him as a key player in OFI-PAOK 3-1.

As he started – with a match against OFI – he completed his cycle at PAOK, as a few days before his tragic accident, on January 25, 1998, he played for 12 minutes in Toumba. He played a total of 29 times with Dikefalos on his chest and scored 3 goals.

Every year, the Dikefalos family honors the memory of the undefeated Panagiotis. Since 2009, the annual “Panagiotis Katsouris” Academic Tournament has been established in his memory.

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