For the best in Riga, Olympiacos


Following the 53-72 defeat in the first “battle” of the “32” Eurocup Women’s Basketball Basketball last week, Olympiacos has a difficult task in Riga rematch at 19:00 against the local TTT to qualify for “16 ” of the tournament, but aims for the best possible result at the home of the Latvian team.

Thanos Niklas emphasized that: “We have a difficult week ahead of us, with two games that we all have to face as a big team and with the sole goal of winning. Against Riga, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to look competitive so far apart from the game in Latvia. They are a team that we know well from the first game, but their athleticism and their speed creates a lot of difficulties for us.

We will have to give more things in energy and concentration and manage to win. I believe in the potential of the team and what it can achieve and, all together, we must give what we deserve”.

Christine Vitola emphasized that: “We had a very bad performance, the last time we met Riga. Now, the most important thing is to face the difficulties and overcome them. The score, for sure, is not in our favor, but we have to believe that everything is possible and play our game in the right way.”

Source: Sport Fm

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