Vlahodemos: “Benfica will always be in my heart – Grateful for what I experienced in Lisbon”


Last summer, Mr Odysseus Vlachodemos made the decision to try his luck in Europe’s top league, the Premier League, and compete in its jersey nottingham forest, after a full five years in Portugal and the Benfica.

The Greek goalkeeper, who has made five appearances on the island this year with the team of Vangelis Marinakis, spoke in a podcast about his tenure at the “eagles” of Lisbon, but also about the way in which he left the club, stressing how he feels grateful about what he lived there and how he keeps only the good.

“What I can say is that in the five years I was at Benfica I felt more than happy, I felt at home. Benfica will always be in my heart”, the 29-year-old goalkeeper initially reported to then state that:

“I just want to remember the good things at Benfica, because only good things happened in those five years. Of course we had ups and downs, like everywhere, but looking back I see it was a great time. Benfica and Lisbon will always be in my heart. My two children were born in Lisbon and have Portuguese passports. I will always remember Benfica and I will always be grateful for everything.”

Source: Sport Fm

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