Mircea Lucescu for Razvan: Inside the house he had built two fireplaces and had made tables with the score himself


THE Mircea Lucescu he spoke in the medium of his country about his son Razvan and revealed how the current coach of PAOK decided to take up football.

The 78-year-old said that when the Razvan he told him that he wanted to become a football player, he refused so that they wouldn’t be compared and then told him that if he wanted to, he could only become goalkeeper.

His statements in detail:

“He was born and raised in a football environment, he was so connected to the sport. Inside the house he had built two fireplaces and made tables himself with the teams’ standings. He told me he wanted to be a football player, and I told him he can’t.

I told him then ‘the world will be merciless to you if you don’t reach my level. And I don’t need that.’ With the children of ex-players, people have no patience. It’s not like any other job, doctor, lawyer. Here you are in the center, and if you are not at this level, they do not accept you”first reported and continued:

“Razwan did everything. Skiing, tennis, table tennis and all the sports, but one of his coaches told me at one point ‘Mr Lucescu don’t bring him back for tennis. He plays and watches the kids playing football, at Dinamo. After that we had a chat. OK, if you want to play football, you can only be a goalkeeper.

No one will be able to compare you to me and you will be able to grow up like any other child, normally.’ That’s how he became a goalkeeper. His height may not have helped, but his extreme ambition, seriousness and work in training helped him develop. If they see you working hard, fighting in the locker room, they recognize you as a leader. This is how leaders are born.”

Source: Sport Fm

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