Anastasiou & Gekas for Terim in Hurriyet: “Great coach – He must assimilate the character of Panathinaikos”


Yiannis Anastasiou and Fanis Gekas expressed their opinion on Fatih Terim taking over the technical leadership of Panathinaikos. Both point out that there is no doubt about his huge personality and his ability as a coach, they underline the difficulty of the task he has undertaken but also stress that he will have to assimilate the character of Panathinaikos soon.

“I think Fatih Terim has an absolutely wonderful personality. He won many trophies with Galatasaray and was also successful in the Turkish National Team. He also gained international experience working at major clubs in Italy. This means he is a top level coach. Panathinaikos is one point behind PAOK in the Greek league. That means anything is possible for the championship.” Yannis Anastasiou initially reported and adds:

“Fatih Terim will of course work in a completely new environment and with new players. It will certainly be a tough challenge for him. Let’s wait and see. Fatih Terim was very successful at Galatasaray and coached the best players over the years. At the same time, he was successful. He has always had a dominant coaching style. With his personality, he will definitely have an impact on any team, but the change of country, culture and everyday life is very important to get immediate results. January is particularly important for Panathinaikos. Because the team has very important matches in various competitions. We don’t need to say who the coach Fatih Terim is”said the Greek technician.

Fanis Gekas who has competed in the Turkish league said:

“There is no need to say who the coach Fatih Terim is. I think he is an important person for all of Turkey, both as a coach and as a person. Like everyone in Turkey, I have a lot of respect for him both as a coach and as a person. Fatih Terim gained a lot of experience in big teams. He also won 8 Super League championships and 1 UEFA Cup with Galatasaray.”

The Greek veteran ace added:

“I think that these will give another dimension to Panathinaikos, both in terms of personality and name. Terim has a lot of experience at all levels. He has a name that he carries in Turkey and the whole football world respects him a lot.

He is a very strong character and a big name as a coach. However, Fatih Terim must get into the character of the Panathinaikos team. Because Panathinaikos is a great team with great expectations. I wish him success”

Source: Sport Fm

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