Atromitos has lost him, he is building a streak and rising in the rankings!


He caught her in… her sleep Kifissia The Fearless! The Peristerians took advantage of their incredible first quarter of the match and took the lead with Jubitanathey found a second goal in an unsuspecting phase and thanks to a brilliant free kick from him Valencia and… they cleaned up with him Vergo in the final to prevail with 3-0 of the Northern Suburbs team.

Sort of like that, his team Sasha Ilyich continues at the speed acquired since the Serbian coach took over, remaining in the league for an eighth consecutive game unbeaten and climbing the rankings, now at 19 points and in 8th place.

Second “close” defeat for Kifissia, which remains in the danger zone and in the penultimate position with 11 points, at -3 from salvation.

To Bullet Atromitos is tested on Sunday, in Serres against Panseraic Kifissia on the same day!

In the coach’s mind

With 4-3-3 Sasha Ilic lined up Atromitos. At home, Tsintotas and Kivrakidis, Imerekov, Tzavellas, Athanasiou in the foursome of defense. Ender, Fridjonsson, Kuen in the axis, with Jubitana, Valencia on the flanks and Andrzejski at the top of the attack.

Same arrangement from David Nielsen for Kifissia. Anagnostopoulos in goal, with Gobelic, Landr, Vafea, Masoura in defense. Ipalibo, Papasavvas, Konstantakopoulos in the axis, with Chrisioumas, Anderegen on the flanks of the attack and Ozegovic was the only forward.

Atromitos-Kifisia: 3-0

The match

He had entered better Fearless in the match and was in control of the game, with Sasha Ilic’s team trying to find a quick goal, while instead Kifisia played mostly on the counter-attack. In the 8th minute, the hosts finally opened the scoring, when o Angelski did the heel, o Valencia the shoot, with Jubitana to empty an opponent and execute for 1-0.

After the match, the guests took measures on the field and tried to find spaces in the opposing frames, however they threatened mainly from set pieces. Atromitos continued to control the game and keep its lead and thus went to the locker room with a lead (1-0).

She had entered better Kifissia in the second half, however, he had trouble in the final third of the field and at the end of phases. Atromitos took advantage of the mistakes and chatter of the guests and thus doubled their goals in the 56th minute. Specifically, Mr Angelski won a foul outside the area, with Valencia brilliantly to execute it immediately and to catch the defense of Kifissia asleep, with him Jubitana to come out against Anagnostopoulos, to break to the oncoming one Kuen and he in an empty net to score for 2-0.

Atromitos-Kifisia: 3-0

David Nielsen’s side were undaunted despite having their backs against the wall and continued to look for a goal to reduce the scoreline, having a chance in the 66th minute of the match. THE Crisis from close range he made a nice feint, then the shot, but Tsintotas took it for a corner. The hosts did not stop there and in the 78th minute they scored another goal, when o Cut out made the diagonal to Vergo and he scored for 3-0.

In the 87th That’s right appeared to be overthrown by T-shirts with the referee showing the white arrow, however he did an on field review and took back his decision for Kifissia’s forward play. Until the final whistle of the game nothing changed, with him Fearless to get an important victory that raised him in the standings, while on the other hand the Kifissia remains in penultimate position.

MVP: THE Jubitana he was the most valuable player of the match. He opened the scoring for Atromitos, but was also the home team’s most dangerous player.

The whistle: THE Mr. Andrianos he did not have a difficult situation to face, however in the penalty phase of Kifissia he had to do an on field review and take back his decision.

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