Evros: A 40-year-old man was arrested for defrauding an elderly man – His accomplices are being sought


A 40-year-old Bulgarian national, a member of a gang that includes unknown accomplices, was arrested yesterday in the settlement in question.

According to the police, an unknown assailant, pretending to be a doctor, contacted the elderly patient by phone and under the pretext that his daughter was injured and needed immediate surgery, managed to convince him to hand over to his 40-year-old accomplice gold worth about five thousand (5,000) euros. Following a complaint by the elderly man’s grandson, a coordinated police operation was carried out, during which the alleged perpetrator was spotted driving a SUV outside the victim’s house and collecting the agreed gold items, which were confiscated and given to the beneficiary their. The vehicle, a wooden bat found inside the vehicle and a mobile phone were also seized.

A case file was filed against the 40-year-old for the offenses of founding and participating in a criminal organization, fraud and violation of the arms law. The relevant case file also includes his unknown accomplices who are wanted. The arrested person is taken to the public prosecutor of Alexandroupoli.

The Police investigation and the preliminary investigation are being continued by the Alexandroupolis Security Sub-Directorate, to identify the accomplices of the alleged perpetrator and to verify their possible participation in committing similar crimes.

Source: skai.gr

Source: Sport Fm

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