Almeida: “In the goal that was disallowed, the referee had blown the whistle before, he could not go to VAR”


Matias Almeida referred to the controversial phases of AEK’s derby with Olympiakos and the voices of the “red and white” for the referee, while he denounced insults from a member of the Pirates’ administration.

In detail, the Argentinian coach stated the following:

For the victory and what it means for AEK: “First of all good evening. It means it means every win. It gives us joy against a big opponent but it is only 3 points. Tomorrow we will continue our work.”

On whether he has laughed more at refereeing than today (there was a confrontation with Giorgos Kosmas and the journalist who did it): “Of course I analyze the match. We came looking for a win. We worked on the static phases. In the first half, AEK was superior to the opponent. In the last minutes there was carelessness on our part and it was 1-2. In the second part it was as a derby should be. Too bad there were no people. Now on the other issue I respect all opponents. Today it was one of the management (he means Olympiakos) who was swearing at me and I didn’t say anything. You will tell me about the disallowed goal and the penalty but the match starts from scratch where at the beginning there were cards that did not come out for our fouls. Let’s see the mistakes from both sides. The goal that was a hand the referee whistled before. If he whistled before it cannot go to VAR. I am happy that I won. Now for the other phase there was one similar to Cullens”.

For the measures taken by Olympiacos: “You don’t allow a team like Olympiacos to think. I believe that with a quick analysis the opponent was gaining yards and we came out with the mental fatigue of the first part. The opponent was in control but not for such long periods. A derby is always nice to win. These derbies once to change. This doesn’t help anyone. Because today this stadium had to be full. As long as this continues, this football will go backwards.”

Source: Sport Fm

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