Milutinov: “I’m honored to return to Olympic-Dream of the Euroleague”


Happy for his return to Olympic and the collaboration with him George Bartzokas declares to Euroleague o Nikola Milutinovwhile he does not hide that he wants to win the big cup.

It is an honor to return to this team where I spent wonderful years. I am very happy to work with the coach again and to play in front of these fantastic fans, who are among the best in the world. They gave Olympiacos a huge boost in previous years and are one of the main reasons the team went to two Final 4 runs“, he emphasized.

Of course I would like to win the Euroleague, because I haven’t managed it yet. It’s every player’s dream. When we went to the Final 4 in 2017 it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. Now Olympiacos is in an even better position compared to a few years ago“, the Serbian center added.

It is difficult because this year there are many great teams and we lost some very important players. We have to take it slow, be humble and look at each game individually to see how far we can go“, he said.

As for working with his coach? “Coach Bartzokas is really a very good coach and I’m happy to play for him. He likes to control the pace, that everyone knows what they are doing, that they have patience and that they know at every point of the race what they have to do».

Source: Sport Fm

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