Fener sweeps Partizan with… Dorsey siphon!


The match

The two teams were together in the first minutes (12-12), with Partizan stepping on the gas and with Pander and Campoclo escaping to +13 (16-29), in the 8th minute. In the remaining time, nothing changed, with the Serbs closing the first period at +12 (19-31).

With a 5-0 run from Smith, Zots’ team entered the second quarter, sending the difference to +17 (19-36). However, Fener’s response was immediate and with Dorsey as the main protagonist, who pushed her to individual scores of 13-2 (32-38), until the 14th minute. The Serbs held their lead, but the hosts cut it even further (43-47), with Pander’s shot after a technical penalty on Hayes made it 43-48 at halftime.

Fenerbahce continued with the same aggressiveness in the second half, equalizing (55-55), in the 25th minute. Nunali temporarily kept Partizan in the score, but Sestina and Hayes made the reversal and sent the home team to +4 (66-62), which they maintained until the end of the third period (68-64).

With Dorsey and Goodrich entering “hot” outside of 6.75m. in the fourth period, Fener started with a 14-0 run, initially for +18 (82-64), while with another three-pointer by the international guard, the difference went to +19 (85-66), at 35′. Saras’ team was in control, cruising to a 91-76 final victory.

The quarters: 19-31, 43-48, 68-64, 91-76

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Source: Sport Fm

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