Almeida: “Champion again, to complete my contract with AEK”


THE Matias Almeida he spoke to the radio station “Mitre” and among other things he mentioned how much he misses the Argentinabut also at the death of his father, strongly criticizing the government of the country that did not ensure that there was sufficient vaccination of the inhabitants during his time Covid.

“I often rethink things, because I leave the country so much and come back… We have our families there, our bases are in Argentina”he initially said and added. “My father died because he was not vaccinated.”

At the same time, her technician AEK he wanted to clarify that he does not belong to any political party, characteristically saying that “he doesn’t believe politicians”.

“I don’t care about politics, I want the best for my country. If I found Alberto Fernandez (ss. the former president of Argentina) I wouldn’t say anything. He knows what he did right and what he did wrong”concluded.

In detail what he said:

For AEK:They are one of the big teams here. He has won many titles».

On how he trains in Greece:For me it’s the same as Argentina, Mexico, USA. I keep training. I do what I love. My work gives me happiness. When football does not give me happiness I will give it up. Because I am not moved by other things but by what my heart says. That’s why I make mistakes. I like Greece, I like it. So far the administration has supported me. We had signed a contract that did not provide for compensation. But within a few months we signed a new contract for five years. We worked in Argentina, Mexico, USA but we were not called from anywhere else in Europe. Here they gave us the opportunity. We were lucky but we also did the hard work to win the Championship and the Cup. We played in Europe, in the Champions League qualifiers and finally got through to a Europa group, so tough it was like the Champions League. Our career in this place has gained height».

About what football is like in Greece:This is also very similar to Argentine football».

On whether he is recognized in Greece as in Argentina:Yes, when I go out people greet me».

On whether he has in mind to return to Argentina:I do not know it. It is possible. I can’t rule it out. No one knows what life throws at them. But for now, definitely not. I have a contract and I hope to complete my contract».

On whether he would change anything in his career:No, I did my best. I lived it all with passion, with honor. Maybe some mistakes I have made in my life, like all of us. But you learn from mistakes. That’s life. I wouldn’t change a thing. You see I believe in God, I really do. In the good that comes to us and in the bad that we have to overcome».

Regarding the presence of AEK in Europe:The Greek league in terms of physical condition is a little different from Argentina. For us (AEK) it was different to play in the Greek Championship and then compete in the Europa League. We faced Ajax, Brighton, Marseille and we were competitive. Think of the difference that makes. How much money does Brighton in England get from TV. What one player gets at Brighton, our whole team gets. But it was a great experience. We won a match that the whole of Europe was talking about. We are definitely not satisfied because we wanted to continue. We didn’t go through for a point but we learned from it all».

On whether he has become happy through football:Some times yes. I wanted to be a champion and I succeeded both as a football player and as a coach. But this happiness lasts for one night, the one when you become a champion. The next day he’s thinking about how you’re going to be champion again».

Source: Sport Fm

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