Stars shine at the award ceremony of the top performers from the EOE


A total of 72 athletes and sportswomen were awarded at the EOE event for the awarding of the top athletes of 2023, specifically those who won medals in 2023 in world and European championships for men and women, those who qualified for the Paris Olympic Games and those who won medals at the European Games “Krakow – Małopolska 2023” and at the European Youth Olympic Festival.

The guests were welcomed by the President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Spyros Kapralos, who, among other things, emphasized in his greeting that: “We now have a not only high-level, but also a great team for Paris! Polo and athletics have greatly enhanced the mission which I hope and believe will be expanded with the same quality and fervor for distinction on the part of the athletes. It is a blessing to participate in the Olympic Games. It’s a dream. And I wish that as many people as possible live this dream.

Our dear athletes. You are great for the effort you put into really difficult, adverse circumstances. Dear Minister, you have already recognized the problems and you have achieved the first big step which is securing the financial resources for the sports facilities. Time, however, runs relentlessly and the work must begin immediately. I’m sure it’s a priority in your schedule.

We must all together create and offer preparation conditions that respond to the talent, the effort, but also the great potential of the Greek athletes. We owe it to them.”

The Deputy Minister of Sports, Yannis Vroutsis, also addressed the event, while the event was honored with their presence, among others, by the Minister of Rural Development, Lefteris Avgenakis, the General Secretary of Sports, Giorgos Mavrotas, the Mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas, the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Stelios Angeloudis, the former Ministers and Deputy Ministers, Fani Petralia and Giorgos Lianis, the members of the Plenary of the EOE and personalities from the sports field.

A special moment was the awarding of the National Women’s Polo Team, a few hours after their return from the European Championships in Eindhoven, where they won the bronze medal and qualified for the Olympic Games in Paris.

The coach of the team, Alexias Kammenou, said: “I want to thank the Greek Olympic Committee for the great honor. All the girls gave their best and in the end we managed to qualify for the Olympic Games, but we must not forget that at the same time we also won the bronze medal in Europe.”

The 72 sportsmen and women awarded by sport:

Track: Miltos Tentoglou, Emmanuel Karalis, Antigoni Drisbioti, Nikos Andrikopoulos, Dimitris Antonatos, Yannis Gartsios, Iulianna Roussou, Maria Raphaelidou, Vladimiros Andreadis, Paschalis Gennikis, Pavlos Kriaras, Evina Panagiotou, Maria Raphaelidou, Nikos Siderenios

Shooting: Anna Korakaki, Makis Mitas, Babis Chalkiadakis, Nikos Mavrommatis, Emmanuela Katzouraki, Christina Moschi

Rowing: Stefanos Douskos, Petros Gaidatzis, Antonis Papakonstantinou, Evangelia Anastasiadou, Christina Bourbou, Zoe Fitsiu, Dimitra – Eleni Kontou

Fencing: Dora Goundura, Despina Georgiadou

Gymnastics: Lefteris Petrounias, Seraphim Eminidis

Swimming: Christian Golomeev, Apostolos Christou, Stergios Bilas, Apostolos Siskos, Anna Dutunaki, Despina Pyrilis, Vangelis Doumas

Artistic swimming: Sofia Malkogeorgou, Evangelia Plataniotis

National men’s water polo team

National women’s water polo team

Fight: Maria Prevolaraki, George Kouyoumtsidis, Dauren Kourouglieff

Cycling: George Bouglas

Tae Kwon do: Apostolos Telikostoglou, Konstantinos Hamalidis, Konstantinos Dimitropoulos

Horse riding: Ioli Mytileneou

Skiing: Alexander Ginnis

Karate: Stefanos Xenos, Dionysis Xenos, George Tzanos, Konstantinos Mastrogiannis, Georgina Xenou, Kelly Kydonaki, Konstantina Chrysopoulou

Kick Boxing: Giorgos Tsambodimos-Leovaris, Semeli Zarmakoupi

Muaythai: Kyriakos Bakirtzis

Lefteris Petrounas and Vassiliki Millousis were also awarded by NOVA as a model of sports, family consistency and dedication, who received the award together with their children from the CEO of NOVA MEDIA, Kiki Silvestriadou.

Finally, in a particularly touching atmosphere, Kallinikos Kreanga was also honored, as after the end of his career in table tennis, he found the time at the age of 50 to get his degree in TEFAA.

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