Reminder from AEK Betsson about tickets with Promethea


The opportunity they will have to watch the away match with Prometheus reminded her friends n AEK Betsson.

Ahead of the first match for the “16” stage BCLthe yellow-and-black OEM reiterated that it itself will not issue tickets, but will operate booking office outside the stadium.

The relative announcement states:

“AEK VETSSON BC reminds the fans of our Team, ahead of the match against Prometheus in “D. Tofalos” of Patras, which will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, 23/01, 19:30), in the context of the “16” phase of the BCL, that:

AEK VETSSON BC does not have the right to purchase and distribute tickets for its away matches in Europe, based on the CAS decision.

There will, however, be a ticket office outside the Stadium.

Friends of AEK,

Our punishment decision due to the incidents in the match with Hapoel Jerusalem, remains in force. Any deviation may lead to an even greater penalty against our Team and our headquarters.

We are convinced that all those who want to “attend” will of course do everything possible to ensure smoothness and will support the “Queen” with their voice and soul, without smoke bombs, firecrackers and lasers.

-The decision of the Achaia Police Department states, among other things, the following:

“Sports fans will be allowed to enter the wider area of ​​the sports facility, only if they have a ticket (issued electronically), a certificate of their identity (ID card – health card – driver’s license or a valid passport).

A fan whose information does not match the information recorded on the ticket, or a fan who does not have proof of identity for comparison, will not be allowed to enter the Gymnasium to watch the match.

In order to make it possible to compare the details of each fan, they must bring their valid ID card or passport when they arrive at the Gym, in addition to their ticket.

A fan who does not hold a ticket will not be allowed to enter the closed gym to watch the game, except as provided by accreditations and invitations.

The approach of the fans will be controlled in the perimeter fencing of the facility.

At least three (3) fan control zones will operate.


Banner entry to the gym will be permitted subject to the restrictions below.

a) Do not include abusive-racist content

b) Not mounted on poles

c) Their content must be purely sporting.

d) Any banners that are posted with anti-sports – racist – abusive content will be removed by stadium staff, following orders and in accordance with the instructions of the Head of Measures, with the assistance of the Police force.

– The doors of the gym will open for the fans to enter one hour and thirty minutes before the start of the match.

“Increased police measures will be implemented two hours before the start of the match.”

Source: Sport Fm

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