Maccabi and absences bent Panathinaikos AKTOR


The match

The match started with three points from both teams, by Cohen and Mitoglou for 3-3, with Nan making shots for 3-5. THE Panathinaikos was off target at the start despite his good attacks, but found solutions with two Nan shots for 5-7. Baldwin answered with a three-pointer to overtake Maccabi (8-7), while Cohen made his second personal long shot for 11-7. Nunn quickly cut it to 11-9 from mid-range, while Brown made one shot to make it 12-9. THE Mitoglou made a three-pointer to tie the game at 12-12, while Nimbo and Lessor scored from close range for Maccabi 16-14. Colson hit a mid-range shot, while Grant tied the game with a long shot at 18-18. The American put the greens ahead with one shot (18-19), while Papapetrou scored a very difficult basket for 18-21 in the first period.

Panathinaikos AKTOR entered the second quarter strongly. THE Nan made a three-pointer and Mitoglou scored a follow-up for 20-26, while a little later Costas Antetokounmpo scored for 23-28. Blatt hit his second long shot to make it 26-28, while Grant responded on stifling defense to make it 26-31. THE Baldwin took over and cut it to 29-31 on a foul shot, while the visitors grabbed back-to-back offensive rebounds and found a run of Nunn points for 29-35. Colson found a solution and reduced, while Niebo wrote 33-35 after a volley by Maccabi on the racket. THE DiBartolomeo with three shots he put Maccabi in front (36-35), while Lessor scored one of his own for the new tie (36-36). Brown’s layup made it 38-36, setting up Nimbo’s layup nicely and then hitting a 3-pointer to make it 43-36.

At the start of the second half, Cohen made three of his 3-pointers to make it 46-36. Mitoglou took his fourth foul and made the shots for 46-38, while Grant cut it to 48-40 with a floater after his basket Baldwin. The virtuoso Brown scored in a very difficult way for 50-40, while Baldwin made two foul shots for 52-40. Nunn found Antetokounmpo and he nailed it impressively, but Baldwin hit a very difficult 3-pointer for 55-42. Grant in boyish fashion reduced it after a rebound to 55-44, while after important defenses by Antetokounmpo he scored again for 55-46. Kalaitzakis narrowed the gap even more with shots (55-48), while the formidable Antetokounmpo stole and nailed for 55-50. THE Grigonis reduced to three points (55-52), but Rivero gave a solution from close range for 57-52. Kalaitzakis and Antetokounmpo made it 59-56, while the former made a buzzer beater three-pointer in the third period for 62-59.

At the beginning of the last quarter, Mr Coulson made two shots for 64-59, but Grigonis answered with his first 3-pointer for 64-62. Baldwin did the damage with back-to-back points, making it 70-64, but the formidable Kalaitzakis cut it to 70-66. The unstoppable Baldwin hit a foul shot to make it 73-66, while Brown extended the lead to +9 (75-66). THE Kalaitzakis made consecutive three-pointers and reduced the score to 77-72, but o Nimbo made a crucial basket for 79-72. THE Coulson with a three-pointer from the top he gave the “greens” the free shot for 82-73, while two shots by Brown ended the match at 84-73.

The quarters: 18-21, 43-36, 62-59, 90-75

Detailed match statistics here.

Source: Sport Fm

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