Klopp: ‘I’ve realized my energy isn’t endless – I’ll give everything I’ve got for the rest of this season’


Press conference after announcing his decision to leave Liverpool at the end of this season, conceded Jurgen Klopp!

The German has opened up about his reasons for ending his tenure as Reds manager, saying he needs a break after realizing his energy is not endless. In addition, he emphasized that he will give everything he has for the rest of this season, while he talked about both his own future and that of Liverpool.

What the Liverpool coach said in detail:

“At some point you realize that you are no longer what you were. The club, especially with the squad they have at the moment, needs a top coach who can give 100%. I conveyed my decision to the management and my colleagues. I think that was the right thing to do. I’ve been coaching for 24 years straight and when you have a career like mine, you put everything into it. I realized that my energy is not endless. I prefer to give everything I have for the rest of this season. I’m not young anymore”.

On whether he felt relief or regret when he made the decision: “The relief was there when I made the decision. Today my feelings are mixed, but I am certainly not as moved as I will be when the end comes. The reaction of the footballers was really good. Starting tomorrow I will not answer any more questions about my decision until the season is over. I first told some people at the club, earlier in the week, and there were some tears, but that’s normal after all these years of riding together. The players didn’t have many questions. We are very close, but we are also professionals. The agreement we have with the players is for this season and we are committed to that. The players are in a very good mood. It’s not like they were partying as soon as I told him, but they continued their training as usual. It’s different to when a coach is fired, when he just says goodbye.”.

On whether he will help Liverpool find his replacement: “Why should I do it; In this world, there are people who do great work and you never see them. It seems like I’m doing all the work, but that’s not the case at all. What they have built here has a very solid foundation. So many people work here with only one goal. The best for Liverpool”.

For his job responsibilities: “Last summer was difficult. We worked very hard to bring in the right players. For this summer and our preparation was excellent and I was really happy about it. But it has nothing to do with that. I love the team and the way we reacted. Planning is not just about the transfer window. I realized that this was something I couldn’t do anymore. I’ve done it for so long. Six press conferences every week for nine years… I am where I am because I am who I am. If I can’t remain who I am, I say I quit. It was not my idea to renew my contract, even though I was 100% convinced that we would make it to 2026. I wrongly assumed that my energy was endless. It’s always been that way, but not anymore”.

On his fondest memories and if he regrets anything: “I’m not prepared to answer that now. In my mind, my best Liverpool memories are yet to come. Probably if I say any specific time now, it will be wrong. There are so many special memories, but I won’t remember them today. I don’t regret a thing.”.

On Liverpool’s management and whether it played a part in his decision: “It would be easy to blame the owners and say they should give more money. Was I always happy with it? No, but they have built the training center, which will be there for the next 40-50 years. Everything we did we did it right, the Liverpool way, which I love. We didn’t win championships or the Champions League because we spent a lot of money. It’s not that we lost leagues with 97 and 94 points or didn’t get more Champions Leagues because we didn’t get a player. If you’re going to blame someone, blame me. It was great to have a team that was able to accomplish all that we accomplished.”.

As for what’s next for him: “I never lived a normal life, that’s the truth. Having 3 or 4 weeks of vacation in my summers used to be enough, but not anymore. I will not go to any team, club or national, for the next year. I will never go to another England team, I guarantee you. Even if I don’t have anything to eat, that won’t happen”.

On Liverpool’s future: “When I talked about the Liverpool of the future, I didn’t mean the next two years. A top coach will come and play good football. The future looks bright and that’s all I want, not to be someone who disrupts that process.”.

On the timing of his decision: “I had to make a decision. I thought about it thoroughly. It has nothing to do with any of our results in the season. The most important thing is that we have built very good foundations. That is why I believe that the timing is good for the change to come. Even if we win everything at the end of the season, my decision will not change.”.

His message for Liverpool fans: “I hope you will accept my decision. I’m not in the mood to say thanks and stuff right now. We have time for them. We still have the rest of the season ahead of us, we know the third parties want to make it look like it’s going to distract us, but everything is in our hands.”.

On whether his job was more tiring than he expected: “It wasn’t so much tiring as it was intense. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived. I knew the enormous size of the club. It is the best club in the world. Now being a Scouser is one of the best things I’ve ever achieved in my life.”.

Source: Sport Fm

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