Kifisia-Aris: A dangerous exit for the Thessalonians


Dangerous away match for Mars brings the 20th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League, with the “yellows” being hosted on 20:00 (Cosmote Sport 1 & News Bulletin 247) from Kifissia in Kaisariani.

The newcomers want to take advantage of their opponents’ fatigue from their Betsson Hellenic Cup commitments and reach a positive result that will allow them to break away from the last place in the standings.

It is recalled that in the match of the 1st round, the club of the northern suburbs had escaped with tie, 1-1, from “Kl. Vikelides”.

Midweek, his team Akis Manziou took a serious lead in qualifying for the semi-finals of the Cup by beating Niki Volos 3-0, with the second leg scheduled for next week.

Kifisia is winless in the last six matches, with Aris on the other hand coming from 3-2-1.

In racing, o David Nielsen does not have Vafea, Botia, Masoura, Loumor, Schneiderlan, Papasavva, Ipalibo, Nini and Klonaridis in the mission.

On the other hand, Manzios marches without Questa, Zul, Seduction, Agorastos and Brambetz.

The missions

Kifissia: Christianson, Nikopolidis, Anagnostopoulos, Landr, Parras, Gobelic, Milicevic, Spinos, Tsapan, Teixeira, Sbokos, Peios, Iliev, Soloa, Antounes, Konstantakopoulos, Ozegovic, Tetei, Chrisiouma, Bifuma, Anderegen


Houtesiotis, Kyriazis, Odubatzo, Montoya, Ferrari, Fatore, Fabiano, Veleth, Darinda, Rose, Verstrate, Manu Garthia, Doukoure, Tzourasek, Suleimanov, Menendez, Samora, Saverio, Loren Moron, Fetfatzidis, Panagidis

The possible lineups

Kifissia: Anagnostopoulos, Gobelic, Lander, Teixeira, Milicevic, Peios, Antounes, Konstantakopoulos, Krisiouma, Bifuma, Ozegovic

Mars: Houtesiotis, Fatore, Fabiano, Veleth, Ferrari, Darida, Verstrate, Garthia, Suleimanov, Moron, Fetfatzidis

Referee: Gamaris

Assistants: Aptosoglou, Mousiadis

4th: Tsimenteridis

VAR: Tsagarakis, Kostaras

Source: Sport Fm

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