Vlachos: “We try to listen to what the players feel and manage it”


Regarding the fatigue of the players due to the consecutive events and the proper management that must be done in view of the continuation, the Thodoris Vlachosafter the victorious premiere at the World Aquatic Championships in Doha.

It was something new for everyone, to have the two events with an interval of 15 days. It will show if we did something right or wrong. The children are tired, they also have obligations with their clubs. We try step by step to feel how they feel themselves. It is not only physical fatigue, but also mental fatigue, because there are many games, a lot of fatigue, a lot of pressure. It needs special management. We try to listen to what they feel and manage it as best we can».

On the win over China in the opener, he said: “China is a team with low potential. The quality of the players of the two teams cannot be compared. It was a good game considering how the two teams were. We are definitely aiming further, the most serious game in our group will be the third against the French. We want to get there serious, with the mood to do some things in our game and we did it».

As for the goals that the National Team has organized, he said:Our goal is high and it is achievable if the team plays very well. In order to reach the top, as in the previous competitions, we have to play very good games, with big wins, against big opponents. It’s ahead of us… We’ll see it all step by step».

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