Klopp: “If you’re looking for an expert on the English champion, then I’m probably not the right person”


THE Liverpool were beaten 3-1 by Arsenal at the “Emirates”, after 15 consecutive matches. THE Jurgen Kloppat the press conference, he spoke about the match against Manchester City, while commenting with humor on his progress in the Premier League so far.

From the start of the match it looked like it wasn’t going to be our day, but maybe we could make it ours in the second half, where we started really well. It’s further evidence of the importance of momentum. Arsenal didn’t start well in the first half, but it’s clear that we didn’t play good enough football. In the second half we understood better how the game is going. We equalized but conceded a very strange goal. All this is normal, but with these players we can play much better football. A few weeks ago we won, in this stadium, with the picture of the half being similar. Arsenal had more chances than us, but the difference was that we didn’t concede a goal“, the German coach commented on the game and continued:

Look, if you’re looking for someone who is an expert on becoming champions in England, then I’m probably not the right person, because most of the time we finished second. I’m sorry to say that. You have to win football games and it would have been great if we had done that today. From the final whistle I haven’t thought about Manchester City for a second. We always expect them to win all the games. We don’t even need to watch them, since even when they lose 1-0 it will become 3-1. Nothing changes for us. Today everything was against us. We received a red card, the opponents didn’t and there were various situations that could have been different. It’s a bad day at the office and we need to make sure we don’t have days like this again».

Liverpool remain top of the table with 51 points, two points ahead of Arsenal. The title battle is expected to come to a head in the coming days as Manchester City, who have collected 46, have two games in hand and should they win they will be at the top of the Premier League.

Edited by: Loizos Lainidis

Source: Sport Fm

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