Mantzaris: “Rozeto is the best choice I have made in my life in recent years”


Justified for his choice to play with her Rosette in the third category of Italy said Vangelis Mantzaris speaking on EEC Web Radio.

For the triple-double he achieved: “I set out to do it and I finally achieved it. The last triple-double I did was in a match at Prometheus in the EuroCup.”

For his team, Roseto: “Rosetto is the best choice I have made in my life in recent years. The city has 30 thousand permanent residents and everyone is involved with the basketball team. They are a traditional team, having once played in the 1st division but were relegated due to financial problems, so the aim is to return to A1 again. In every match we have at least 1,500 people and in the previous match we had 3 thousand. It’s a very pleasant environment.”

On his role in the team: “They have made me captain of the team, something impressive to make a foreign player captain. Our goal is to go up, to go A2 next year”.

On his personal goals: “Sit here for 3-4 years, let’s go to A2 and if it becomes A1 in 2-3 years and then stop and become a coach here. If I do this, it will probably be my dream.”

For the championship: “The championship is very difficult, because there are two groups, with 36 teams, where 2 of them are promoted. In the other group is Michalis Kamberidis, in Sant’Antimos. Contracts in the category are like A1 and only one foreigner is allowed. As a level, it is Elite League. In general, Italians love basketball a lot.”

Source: Sport Fm

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