Sylaidopoulos: “We were mentally ready and played amazingly, the group of players in the U19 was very good”


Statements after the comfortable victory of Olympiakos over OFI was made by the official coach of the “red and whites”, Sotiris Sylaidopouloswho expressed his satisfaction with the performance of his players, who were mentally ready for the game.

In detail what the official coach of Olympiakos stated:

“We were mentally ready to play such a game, for me that was one of the most important things, to keep a bit of balance because that was the element that we worked on the most in the one training session that we did, to have a good balance in the transitions and the aggression that we wanted to be in both the possession and non-possession phases. I think the team played amazing, I thank the guys for their acceptance, competitiveness and selflessness, it was a good game”.

On whether there are kids from U19 who can play in the first team in the future: “There really is a very good group in the K19 and in general in the academies of Olympiakos. It’s not a one-year job, it’s multi-year, many people have contributed. I think that Olympiacos can invest and I think that we will be able to have several of these guys in the first team in the future. Certainly a pathway should be created so that this transition to the first team can be done smoothly and I think it is being done so far, most of these kids are playing in the second team, at a very good level for their age , let’s not forget that they are much younger and compete with older kids and I think that if this transition goes smoothly, we as a club and Greek football will only be winners”.

Source: Sport Fm

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