Panathinaikos-Esperides: The statements for the final of the Women’s Cup


Panathinaikos and Hesperides will compete for the Women’s Cup on Sunday (1:30 p.m.) in Heraklion. The representatives of the two teams spoke at the press conference with the greens, despite the title of favorite, expecting a difficult task and the Kallithea team declaring themselves ready to chase the surprise.

Penelope Pavlopoulou (Panathinaikos): “I must say that I am very happy to be here today among so many accomplished coaches and athletes. I also want to thank EEC for the beautiful energy, to play on the same day and in the same location as the men. It’s something we need in women’s basketball. We need visibility. It is a step in the right direction. It is very important and one way or another we will “steal” people who will see our own struggle and our own effort. Our goal as Panathinaikos is to win the cup like last year and our goal is to reach girls in the field of sports and more specifically young girls who will come to see us. We hope to inspire them with our effort and effort to follow the sport.”

Eleni Capoyannis (coach, Panathinaikos): “I am very happy to be among such renowned coaches and athletes who inspire me personally and the entire sports world. I would like to welcome the initiative of the EEC to hold the stadium and our final on the same day. It’s a step in the right direction for our outreach. Women’s basketball deserves it. It is a pleasure to win so many cups, but every final has its own difficulty. We are playing against a difficult opponent. They are a very tough and hard-working team, so it has its own stress and level of difficulty. We, as Panathinaikos, do not claim the title of favourite, after all, we experienced this last year when we were in danger of losing the cup. We should be properly prepared and the only thing I will keep is that the stress of this final, my participation in the previous finals makes it more manageable”.

Zoe Korre (Esperides Kallithea): “Of course it will be a very big game for me. We respect, but we are not afraid of Panathinaikos, we have worked hard enough and we want the Cup. From then on, the best will win.”

Thanos Softsis (coach, Hesperides Kallithea): “Initially I would like to congratulate the federation for the initiative and I think it is unprecedented, I don’t think it has been done in any other sport joint press conference before the finals, It is a beautiful event that gives us glory. After years as a federal coach, I want to say that we are diverse, we get light from Men’s basketball, from the coaches, and the female athletes from the accomplished players. Panathinaikos are favorites just like all the Men’s teams when they meet Panathinaikos or Olympiakos they have a disadvantage. But because we faced Panathinaikos recently, we showed that we can be competitive. And I hope that some of the surprises that have happened in the cup will be followed by us and we will win the Cup this year.”

Source: Sport Fm

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