Zouros: “We were below the circumstances once again, the players have to understand what shirt they are wearing”


The heavy home defeat with 89-69 by the Panathinaikos AKTOR met for the 18th matchday of the Stoiximan Basket League n AEK Betssonwith her coach, Ilias Zouroto stand in the poor competitive image presented by his players.

AEK Betsson’s coach stated in detail:

“Congratulations to the Panathinaikos team for the victory. We were under par today once again. We are trying to change a part in the defense, but so far we have not succeeded. We are not responding to the defense. This part must change, if the defense part does not change we will have a big problem in general.

Now we have the Cup match, we have to present ourselves differently. It is a goal, which is in front of us against a team that is very good. He has shown it not only in Greece, but also in Europe. It’s not about winning or losing. The point is to play, to fight. We don’t fight. We fight for a few minutes in the game and then we don’t fight.

The players must also take their responsibilities. It’s time for them to take some responsibility. The words are needless. AEK is not a small team. It is a very big team with a very long history. Everyone has to understand what jersey they are wearing”.

On whether the stoppage of the match had an effect: “Okay it affected a lot because at that time we were getting close. We were very close, we made a very good come back. I think the phase was clear against us, that is, steps have been taken in one phase. The interruption played a role, but let’s not dwell on it.

It definitely played a role, it’s about playing basketball, playing defense. We can’t keep eating layups, we can’t keep missing rebounds. We can’t eat so many surprises. It can not be done. This is not basketball, this is not AEK. This has to change.

We all make an effort, the management, the coaches, we all make an effort. Now the players have to make an effort too. This is not the picture, they have to take their responsibilities”.

Source: Sport Fm

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