Canadi: “PAOK changed its style because of AEK”


Adapting his playing style PAOK due to the way in which AEK competes, Damir Canadi underlined in his statements to metrosport. The Austrian coach also received a question about this year’s championship and which team he thinks will win it, but he avoided answering.

First Mr. Canady spoke about the Toomba derby:

“It was a difficult game, both teams gave everything, they fought hard for the victory, it was not easy for the referee either. The result is fair. AEK plays with a lot of intensity, PAOK pushes high, he changed his style a little because of AEK and he also went into duels”.

If the two teams were seeking to block each other’s trump cards:

“The two coaches have different philosophies. Almeida wants high pressure, to win every ball, For PAOK it was more difficult but he was prepared for battle yesterday he changed his philosophy a little. It played a role in the quality of the match. There wouldn’t have been many scoring opportunities and it was a fair result.”

If role changes like Pineda’s shift from center to right-back played a role:

“I don’t think some changes were wrong. I saw the game on TV and it was high intensity. They are the two best teams in Greece, there was a lot of tension and I was surprised that PAOK changed their thinking a bit because they want him to control the pace of the match. When he saw that it was not easy to fully control the game, he adapted to another style of play.”

If there is a favorite for the title:

“The teams have a big roster and are used to playing every three days. It is difficult to say who will win the championship. Maybe AEK has a slight advantage because of the one game a week. AEK, PAOK and Panathinaikos play a different style of game. Which teams will have injuries will also play a role. Olympiacos changed coach twice, changes philosophies and it is not easy for the players to respond when they have ready opponents. AEK and PAOK are stable, they made very few changes with specific philosophies.”

Source: Sport Fm

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