SF PAOK: “A team taken from our dreams”


Announcement of a unifying nature by the organized fans of PAOK.

A few hours after the painful elimination by Panathinaikos in Leoforos, the Association of Friends of the Thessaloniki team declared its undivided support for the “two-headed team of the north” expressing pride for the performance, while also sending… messages!

At the same time, the fans of Dikefalos wished to Baba Rahman speedy recovery, calling on the friends of PAOK to be alert in view of the continuation in the league and Europe.

The announcement in detail:

“From 1926 until today, there are many nights like today, which have been deeply engraved in our memory, and which have steeled our love for the club…so even today, when the exclusion is still bitter for us, we continue to love even more the 4 letters that define our entire existence…

Today’s P.A.O.K. it was a team taken from our dreams, it is a team that must continue to fight, to fight, to dominate and we are sure that sooner or later everything we deserve will come… One goal lost, two remain to be won… And for these two we have to keep fighting and fight together…

We want to thank the team because today they fought like P.A.O.K., because today everything had to be reversed in order for us not to qualify, because they continue to terrorize the opponents and because we are sure that from tomorrow they will still be more determined to conquer what we deserve….

We would also like to wish a speedy recovery to the player named Rahman Baba and tell him that we expect him back soon because the year still has a long way to go… We for our part declare that we will continue to support the team and the coach even more fiercely and call the world of P.A.O.K. on alert because now is the time when our team really needs…

PS Where will it go we won’t bore you in a final 21 years have passed since the last…

PS 2 We want to see players compete who are not afraid and who are psychologically ready, regardless of age, experience or contracts…”

Source: Sport Fm

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