Andreopoulos: “A very big victory”


What he said in detail:

“We had a very big win, the opponent is very strong, at times they press too much, so it is normal for both teams to fluctuate during the set. We kept asking for tactical concentration, because our tactics were working. As long as we followed it we managed to get points, so we constantly emphasized the tactics and that we have to continue to follow it because you know as time goes by there is fatigue, it makes things difficult.

In the third set, Petraeus entered the service because we needed a more dynamic serve from Rangel and he did the job. In the fourth set, Rangel made 1-2 mistakes and we put Petraea in to play better, that is, it’s simple, not a trick, and this change worked out for us.

I am very happy, we win the majority of games 3-0. After the championship marathon we finish in first place. It’s very important, we get home field advantage for the whole playoff series. I am very happy with what the team is doing. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything because all this good progress we’ve made all these months we have to continue and these games are judged in detail, you saw that today too. In detail we lost the first match against Olympiakos, in detail we won today and this will happen in the future as well. Despite all that, we have succeeded so far.”

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