Athanasiou: “With such an image, Panathinaikos will not even be able to claim the title – They want 2X2 in the… finals”


A matter of even claiming this year’s championship from a side Panathinaikouif he continues these appearances, asked Nikos Athanasiou to News Bulletin 247.

The problem for Panathinaikos is that they have not been well lately. Yesterday, suddenly, he did not have the same image with PAOK and Lamia. Once you don’t get the messages that you need to do some things differently, then you will fail at some point and then you will hit the panic button. He has thrown four points with which he would be first and if he does not make the 2X2 he will enter the playoffs being the absolute outsider. It is not excluded that he will be fourth. However, with this image, Panathinaikos will not win the championship, but will not even claim it. I say again that the two remaining matches are finals, without a trace of exaggeration.“, he said about it.

The station’s reporter pointed out that, in the matches with the “little ones” on Terimthe “clover” shows a blasé mentality, a careless management of things, not properly preparedwhile he also appeared mentally unprepared yesterday even though he played more rationally compared to the previous match against Lamia.

At the same time, Athanasiou noted that when he gets to be Lodingin is the MVP of Panathinaikosthere is nothing else to discuss about yesterday’s 1-1 draw.

And he emphasized that with the exception of Bernarddoes not see any return to the “greens” for the next game against Aris, leaving open and whether he will be available Cherin.

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Source: Sport Fm

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