Ketsetzoglou: “AEK is in a very good condition – Selection of Almeida Tsiloulis”


In a good racing moon just before the final stretch of the season he judges it AEK The Kostas Ketsetzoglouas he pointed out to News Bulletin 247.

It was an important win, AEK looks very good lately. After the elimination in the Cup, they have 5 wins and a draw with 19-4 goals and three of those goals were conceded when they were three ahead. She has fixed her effectiveness quite a bit and no longer relaxes. He can now do a week of normal training, without extra games, which is an asset in relation to Olympiakos and PAOK“, write down.

Regarding the agreement with Sotiris Tsiloulis, he said:He is Almeida’s pick and it will be interesting to see what he has in mind as to how he will utilize him. It turns out it’s never too late, because he’s 29 years old. He has the advantage of being able to play in 3-4 positions and can press high. I don’t see him coming to take Amrabad’s place if the Moroccan leaves which I am not at all sure about. Almeida has shown that he wants every player on the roster to have a role, so this is his chance to do something».

As for Wednesday’s match against PAS? “The only possible return is Levia’s, I see Gacinovic more for the playoffs. He will probably not be available even with Aris on Sunday. Szymanski can compete, I think there will be a small rotation».

Source: Sport Fm

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