Panathinaikos AKTOR: The “Professor” of the players and “He is” of Slukas for Ataman – Apotheosis by the world!


Video of the celebrations and the apotheosis that prevails in the ranks of Panathinaikos AKTOR after the great “double” (86-97) over the Real in Madrid, posted the “greens”.

First of all, after the great victory, the players of the “clover” worshiped him in the locker room Ergin Ataman. In particular, they called their coach by the nickname they have given him, that is “The Professor” (s.s. the teacher), with Kostas Sloukas to shout “He is, he» pointing in his characteristic way!

Afterwards, the… green party was moved outside the “WiZink Center”. Where the world of Panathinaikos AKTOR was waiting for the mission of his team in order to deify it. In the center plan for the “clover” lovers are Sloukas and Ataman.

See the relevant videos from KAE Panathinaikos’ twitter:

Source: Sport Fm

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