S-six Liverpool, eliminated Sparta with a… eleven goals – Leverkusen’s improbable overturn in stoppage time!


Like a siphon, he advanced to his quarterfinals Europa League the Liverpool.

After the five-pointer in the first game, the “reds” gave Sparta Prague a big win (6-1) and stamped the ticket in style.

Before the fourth quarter was even completed, Klopp’s team had already scored four times and finished the match with him Gakpo to score a total of two goals and them Nunes, Clarke, Salah and Sobozlai from one.

At the same time in Leverkusen an unlikely thriller was unfolding. The fighter Karabagh took a lead, doubled it even though he was playing me player less and as the 93′ he held a historic qualification in his hands.

However, he spoke there Chicredeeming the unbearable pressure of the Germans and signing (with two goals in five minutes in delays) the terrible overthrow Xabi Alonso’s team.

Otherwise, the Atalanta filmed the match with Sporting (2-1) and passed her obstacle towards the “8”, while there she sealed that the Roma with the… sweet defeat 1-0 from Brighton.

The return matches of the “16” of the Europa League in detail

Villarreal-Marseille 3-1

(32′ Capoue, 55′ Sherloth, 86′ Mosquera – 90’+5′ Klaus)

West Ham-Freiburg 5-0

(9′ Packets, 32′ Bowen, 52′ Cresswell, 77′, 85′ Kundous)

Rangers-Benfica 0-1

(67′ Silva)

Slavia Prague-Milan 1-3

(84′ Djurasek – 34′ Pulisic, 36′ Loftus-Cheek, 45’+6′ Leao)

Atalanta-Sporting Lisbon 2-1 (p. a. 1-1)

(46′ Lukman, 59′ Skamaka – 33′ Gonsalves)

Liverpool-Sparta Prague 6-1 (p. a. 5-1)

(7′ Nunes, 8′ Clark, 10′ Salah, 14′, 55′ Gakpo, 48′ Sobozlai – 42′ Birmancevic)

Leverkusen-Karabakh 3-2 (p. a. 2-2)

(72′ Fribong, 90’+3′, 90’+8′ Chic – 59′ Zubir, 67′ Zuninho)

Brighton-Roma 1-0 (p.a. 0-4)

(37′ Welbeck)

Source: Sport Fm

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