‘I don’t ask to be cleared without proof, I have proof’, says Robinho


Gabriel Vaquer

In the week in which his fate will be decided by the Superior Court of Justice, Robinho spoke for the first time about his conviction for gang rape in an interview with Domingo Espetacular (Record).

“Why am I the only one answering for this?” asked the former player. “I’m not asking to be cleared without proof, I have the proof,” he said.

Sentenced to nine years in prison by the Italian courts, Robinho will have his request for approval of his sentence decided next Thursday (20). The STJ trial will be broadcast live, at Italy’s request.

The European country, where the crime occurred, is asking for approval, that is, for the former athlete to serve his sentence in Brazil, as he cannot be extradited.


The Special Court is made up of the 15 oldest ministers. For the sentence to be approved, a simple majority vote is required – half plus one of the ministers. The president of the session only votes in the event of a tie.

There is the possibility of requesting a review, which happens when one of the ministers does not feel qualified to vote at the moment and asks for a period of time to analyze the process. In this case, the trial is postponed, with a deadline for resumption set at up to 60 days, extendable for another 30.


Robinho has always publicly denied the crime. The Italian police, however, recorded the former athlete’s conversations with friends in which he confirmed the victim’s unconscious state. “That’s why I’m laughing, I don’t care. The girl was extremely drunk, she doesn’t even know who I am,” said the former player.

The recordings were part of the material used by the Italian Public Ministry in the process that convicted the Brazilian of gang rape.

Source: Folha

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