Special space in the AEK History Museum for fan photos


Her connection her AEK with her world she will highlight, among other things, the Museum of History of the club.

As the yellow and black PAE announced, it will be created special place for characteristic photos that will capture her relationship of the fans with the team.

He made call so to the world to send relevant material, with the relevant announcement to state:

“Her friends AEK

The Museum of History of AEK, in the OPAP Arena, is now at final stage of the preparation to open its doors to the world of our team and beyond.

A specific space in our Museum, will be dedicated to you. To simple, anonymous fan of AEK, who is always by her side. We want you to create this space you yourselves.

In this context, we ask you to send us photos of your presence near AEK or more generally that capture the relationship you with AEK.

The most suitable of them, depending on the Criteria of our creative department, will enter this special space in our Group History Museum.

You can send your photos, along with your personal information, to the email address [email protected] until next Wednesday 27/3, at 17.00.

We point out that sending the photos means at the same time the acceptance by you for using them.

You are the one live piece of AEK and its history, you are AEK. We are waiting for yours unique moments close to our great love”.

Source: Sport Fm

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