Stoiximan Basket League: Critical battle between AEK Betsson and Peristeri bwin – The scenarios for sixth place

Stoiximan Basket League: Critical battle between AEK Betsson and Peristeri bwin – The scenarios for sixth place

With two games on the Saturday (23/03) schedule, its 22nd matchday begins Stoiximan Basket Leagueand last of the second round, before the start of the third.

The program starts with the indifferent score game between Mars and Lavrio (17:15, ERT3). The Thessalonians have secured 5th place, while the Eastern Attica team is not in time for six whatever he does, yet he wishes to shut him up second round as high and as far away from the last position as possible.

It is worth noting, of course, that the result in “Alexandrio” may affect the battle for the sixth placeas you will read in the scenarios below.

The crucial match of the day will take place in the Klisto of Ano Liosion. THE AEK Betsson welcomes it Pigeon bwin (20:15, ERT3), looking for the pink leaf that will bring her definitively to Top-6 of the third round, without having to look at the rest of the results. On the other hand, the “blue-yellow” are definitively third, however each win it counts since the current ranking is not the final one in sight playoffs.

It is worth noting that AEK Betsson will be out again Dimitris Flionis and Justin Tillmanwhile o Langston Hall took the place of the wounded Jordan Morgan on the domestic roster.

The scenarios for sixth place:

AEK will be sixth if:

1) beat it Pigeon bwin at home on Saturday, regardless of any other result.

2) lose from the Pigeon bwin but at the same time the Colossus lost from the Maroussi in Rhodes.

3) lose from Peristeri bwin, o Colossus win it Maroussi in Rhodes, but the PAOK defeat her Carditsaresulting in a three-way tie between AEK, Kolossos and PAOK, in which “Enos” excels with three wins.

4) lose from the Pigeon bwinThe Colossus win the Maroussi in Rhodes, o PAOK defeat Karditsa and the Laurel defeat him Mars. In this case, there will be a four-way tie between AEK, Kolossos, PAOK and Lavrio, in which again “Enosos” will be sixth.

Colossus will be sixth if:

1) h AEK defeated by Peristeri bwin at home on Saturday and the Rhodians win the Maroussi on the island, while o PAOK defeated by Carditsa.

2) h AEK be defeated at Pigeon bwinthe Rhodians win the Maroussi on the island, o PAOK lose from her Carditsa and Laurio defeats Ares. In this case there will be a three-way tie Kolossos, AEK and Lavrioin which the Rhodians excel due to a better overall points difference.

The program of the last competition (22nd):

Saturday, March 23

17:15 Aris – Lavrio (ERT3)

20:15 AEK Betsson – Peristeri bwin (ERT3)

Sunday, March 24

17:00 Kolossos – Maroussi (ERTFLIX)

17:15 Apollon P. – Olympiacos (ERT3)

20:15 Karditsa – PAOK (ERT3)

Monday, March 25

20:15 Panathinaikos AKTOR – Prometheus (ERT3)

The ranking

1. Panathinaikos AKTOR 20-1

2. Olympiacos 19-2

3. Pigeon bwin 14-7

4. Prometheus 13-8

5. Mars 11-10

6. AEK Betsson 9-12

7. Colossus 8-13

8. PAOK 8-13

9. Laurel 8-13

10. Maroussi 7-14

11. Karditsa 6-15

11. Apollo P. 3-17

Source: Sport Fm

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