The number of “suitors” for Masoura is increasing

The number of “suitors” for Masoura is increasing

One of the football players who remain free in Olympic and has not yet renewed his contract is Giorgos Masouras.

The international midfielder’s contract expires in the summer, the previous period there had been some discussions with the administration for the renewal of his cooperation and since then there has not been the slightest development (in relation to the corresponding case of Alexandros Paschalakis).

Some time ago it was known that the Greek ace is in her transfer target Bochumwho has officially expressed her interest in him.

Her eventual participation Greek national team at Euro 2024 will further raise the shares of Masoura, who is a key member of the representative group and, in fact, is its top scorer in the European Championship qualifiers.

These appearances do not go unnoticed, since the newspaper “Sports Light” states that the “thorn” in Masoura’s case, both for Bochum and for Olympiakos who wants to keep him on its roster, is the above development.

In fact, there is information according to which the international ace has managed to attract the interest of other European clubs as well, with the Germans hoping that he will make the decisions about his future before participating with the National team in the Euros.

This season, the 30-year-old midfielder has made 41 appearances, with 9 goals and 7 assists to his credit, in 2,491 minutes.

Source: Sport Fm

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